Inspection Details

  Flat rate annual inspections are a complete and thorough inspection in accordance with FAR Part 43 Appendix D including life limited parts status, repetitive interval inspection/replacement status using aircraft maintenance manual annual/100 hr inspection checklist as a guide, a printed AD compliance status report, as well as the following (parts are not included):


Airframe Inspection 

  • Pre-inspection ground run-up/operational check
  • Open all access provisions required for inspection (including interior) and reinstall  after inspection is completed
  • Inspect skin for deterioration, distortion or other evidence of failure
  • Inspect fuel system for leaks and deteriorated hoses and all fuel screens for debris
  • Inspect all structures, wiring, plumbing, flight and engine control systems for proper tension, continuity, security, attachment and proper operation through specified range limitations
  • Inspect landing gear shock absorbing devices, linkages, trusses and members, perform gear retraction and emergency extension test (if applicable), inspect hydraulic lines for leakage
  • Inspect wheels for cracks, tires for wear and cuts, brakes for wear and proper adjustment and lubricate wheel bearings
  • Inspect electrical system for chaffing and improper operation
  • Check batteries for proper charge and condition
  • Wash airplane


    Engine Inspection      

  • Inspect all installations, accessories, hoses, baffles and mounts for condition, security and proper attachment
  • Inspect for visual evidence of excessive oil leaks
  • Differential compression check
  • Remove spark plugs, clean, test, rotate and reinstall
  • Drain engine oil, remove and inspect oil filter, remove and inspect suction screen (if applicable), reinstall suction screen and new filter and replenish oil with preferred brand and grade.
  • Inspect all engine control systems for proper attachment, security, safety and freedom of movement through entire range of travel
  • Inspect exhaust stacks for cracks, defects and improper attachment
  • Inspect heat exchanger/muffler IAW SAIB CE-04-22 – (Extra labor charges may apply if removal of heat exchanger assembly is necessary)
  • Inspect accessories for apparent defects in security and mounting
  • Wash engine
  • Post-inspection ground run-up/operational check


                                                            Propeller Inspection

  • Remove spinner assembly, inspect bolts for improper torque and lack of safetying
  • Inspect bulkhead, hub assembly and blades for cracks, nicks, radial play, oil seepage and fatigue

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